Eye of Crasis Cover


I am looking for some input about the cover of my book, The Eye of Crasis

The underlying image is by a photographer who manipulated an image of a spiral galaxy to come up with this image. When I first saw it, I knew I had to use it, and for a hundred bucks he gave me the rights to use it as part of the cover of The Eye of Crasis

I like everything about the cover, but my publisher (aka, the wife) and her assistant (aka, the cat, who usually sleeps through production meetings) have complained that (1) it doesn’t really tell you anything about the book, and (2) it isn’t especially eye-catching. 

Eye catching is important because you want the cover image in an Amazon book search grab a potential reader’s attention and entice him to click on the thumbnail and go to the book’s Amazon description page where he will find the description. The wife suggests maybe overlaying the middle part with an image of an eye, maybe itself abstract, because the human face always grabs people’s attention. For myself, I think it is good the way it is and worry about distracting from the base image with clutter.

Anyway, tell me what you think. And thanks.

2 thoughts on “Eye of Crasis Cover

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  1. I like the cover very much. The cover along with the words – an alien technology thriller – is eye catching and catches interest immediately.


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