About Me

I am a science fiction writer living in the Pacific Northwest (USA) with a wife and a cat, both of whom seem willing to let me stay.

Having unexpectedly found myself in my seventh decade of life (my sixties) and in declining health, I decided to retire from Boeing and become a writer of speculative fiction. It did not take me long to realize I did not have the skills and tools I needed to write fiction; at least, not good fiction.

I took some writing courses, read some books, attended some writer’s conferences, wrote a bunch of short stories (even published two of them), and wrote two first draft novels for practice. I decided to publish my third novel, The Emissary, which is currently in the beta reader phase and is scheduled to be published in Fall 2021. You can read the first chapter here.

You might enjoy my in-progress serial novel Terra One, a light-hearted space opera, and my short stories. And, of course, I hope you will buy my debut novel when it comes out. Thanks for stopping by.

Be kind; do good.

The Wife

The Cat