Terra One

A (mostly) light-hearted serial space opera.

I plan to publish a new episode every other week or so. I got the idea for writing a serial novel from fellow writer Adrian Leverhuhn when I ran across his serial story “Come Alive,” which I recommend. 

Episode 1 (publ 5/15/2021): In which the freighter Therion arrives at the world ship Terra One, and we meet the story’s protagonists.

Artist’s Conception of an O’Neill Cylinder Space Habitat

Episode 2 (publ 5/22/2021): In which things get interesting for everybody.

Artist’s conception of life inside an O’Neil cylinder space habitat

Episode 3 (publ 6/5/2021): In which Flynn meets with Dylan; we meet a monk and the zeegee girl.

Episode 4 (publ 6/19/2021): In which Oz closes in on a serial killer, and Frankie gets lost.