The Universe of Terra One

Do you remember the daytime soap operas that used to involve a half dozen story lines running in parallel, with a few showing up one one day, and a few more the next, not necessarily the same ones? Well, I’m trying something similar with Terra One. I do not have this plotted out, so I have no idea where it will go or what characters will appear or how it will end. I have already been surprised by what my characters decide to do and what they reveal about themselves. Like Trinity’s sexual proclivities; totally blue me away. And the cat: Who knew?

The story takes place in the Fragment Universe, which is introduced in my book The Emissary. The events of Terra One takes place about 185 years after the End of the World described in that book. You will encounter the terms B.E.W. (meaning Before the End of the World) and A.E.W. (After the End of the World). Earth is no longer habitable and the human races now lives in colonies scattered throughout the solar system. By and large, the story tries to honor the laws of the universe as we understand them. For example, there is no faster-than-light travel.

I got the idea for writing a serial novel from fellow writer Adrian Leverhuhn when I ran across his serial story “Come Alive,” which I recommend. 

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